Operation Exodus

A Christian Ministry helping Jewish people to go home to Israel. They assisted their first immigrant from the USA in 2006, and since then, the work has expanded quickly and they’ve been able to assist hundreds of thousands of Jewish immigrants from our nation. The ministry developed a comprehensive plan to support the rapidly growing number of requests of those needing Aliyah assistance. Learn more on their website:


Facilitators International


In cooperation with the Mission Committee of the World Evangelical Alliance, Facilitators International has identified key mission training centers and provides scholarships to those key future missionaries in the developing world. Founded in 2004, Facilitators International is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit ministry. The ministry rely on contributing partners from American churches to spread the Gospel to many areas closed to missionaries from the West. We feel that a biblically trained church leader in their own country can accomplish the task of spreading the gospel to their people more effectively than a foreign missionary and at a fraction of the cost. Learn more on their website:

Brian & Jenni Evans – (CRU)

Brian and Jenni Evans are the National Directors of Compassion Ministries in Rome, Italy. Their vision is to win, build, and send in the context of service to the poor and marginalized in Italy and internationally. God is moving through incredible circumstances to bring people into a relationship with himself and working through them to advance His kingdom. Learn more on their website:


Anthony & Diana SpezialeThe Jesus Film- (CRU)

Anthony and Diana have been traveling to the most remote parts of the South Pacific like Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and Kiribati. This is all to fulfill the Great Commission! The Jesus Film is translated into remote tribal languages and distributed to the people in these regions, and the film is shown as a powerful tool to lead them to Jesus Christ! Learn more on their website:


Life Centers

The mission of Life Centers is to affirm the value of life by providing a network of care to those experiencing pregnancy-related decisions and by compassionately presenting biblical truth resulting in changed lives to the glory of God. Learn more on their website:


Stan Lovins – Revivals for Jesus

Stan Lovins II is a Revival Evangelist with a burning passion to see God’s Healing Power and Salvation to Rise Up in the heart and soul of today’s people with the Love of Jesus Christ “Bringing Healing To The Hurting!” Stan is the Founder and President of Stan Lovins II Ministries, Sandlot Ministries and Victory Fire Events, which are each Christ centered Evangelism Ministries that utilize Power Evangelism for Healing Meetings, One on One Ministry, Leadership Mentorship, Victory Fire Events, Tent Revivals, and Baseball and Softball Instruction and Clinics to share the love of Jesus Christ with communities all over the USA and the World! Learn more on his website:


Bishop Karani – Assemblies of God- Kenya

A theologically sound and culturally relevant church that is evangelizing, Equipping and Engaging all communities with the gospel and the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Bishop Karani has overseen and planted dozens of churches in the country of Kenya and surrounding areas. A humble leader who invites all to come and see what God is doing in Kenya, and to be involved in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this part of the world. Learn more on their website:


Udell & Janet Myers- Christian Military Fellowship

An association of believers who are committed to encouraging Men and Women in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. CMF involves all elements of that society including all ranks, family members, veterans, retirees, and civilian employees. They give great importance to Bible study because God has uniquely inspired the bible. In the final analysis it is not merely a book written by men. It is God’s Book, designed by Him to provide knowledge of the way (which is Jesus Christ) to eternal salvation, as well as guidance and spiritual strength for the daily life and walk of His dear children. Learn more on their website:



Rummage Give Away – June 20-22
All officers meeting – Mon, July 31
Revival with Stan Lovins – September 14-16


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